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Business Assets

Many people are surprised to discover that the like kind exchange (LKE) tax strategy is not just for real estate investors.  Sales of vehicles, heavy equipment, aircraft and other business-use assets also potentially qualify for the tax benefit.  Are you thinking of buying a new company jet and then selling the old aircraft?  We can structure the transaction as a reverse LKE and potentially reduce your current tax liability by millions of dollars.

Capital intensive companies that regularly dispose of and replace business assets are good candidates to benefit from an ongoing, repetitive program referred to as an “LKE program.”  WTP Exchange is the leading provider of LKE program services.  Our clients include many of the largest car rental companies, heavy equipment dealers, trucking companies, and lessors in the country.  Our cloud-hosted software allows you to track and manage the depreciation and gain/loss for your business assets, and to maximize the tax benefits provided by section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. 


Don’t trust your LKE program to any service provider!  With the right structure, an LKE program can increase your cash flow and eliminate your current tax liability.  An unproven or risky structure, on the other hand, often leads to IRS audits and sleepless nights.  To put our clients at ease and provide them with tax certainty, we submitted to the IRS a ruling request based on the facts and structure of our fully integrated LKE Program solution – the only one in the world.  We are pleased to announce that the IRS issued a favorable ruling to our firm!


For more information about how our LKE program tax solution can help your business, please click here to download one of our case studies.  Hundreds of companies have already implemented an LKE program – what is holding you back?

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