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About WTP Exchange

At WTP Exchange, we are focused on helping our clients to reduce their current tax liability and increase cash flow.  Any sale of business or investment property potentially qualifies under section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code to be structured as a tax-deferred exchange.  By taking advantage of the like kind exchange (LKE) tax strategy, you will pay less tax and have more cash available to grow your business.


We are the leading facilitator of all types of tax-deferred exchanges, including forward-delayed, reverse, improvement, and high-volume, repetitive LKE programs.  Our clients include real estate investors and capital-intensive companies such as heavy equipment dealers, car rental companies, fleet lessors, financial institutions, and trucking companies.


WTP Exchange is the only fully-integrated provider of LKE program services in the country.  As the only fully-integrated solution, we serve as the qualified intermediary (QI) for our clients and provide them with the software and service needed to maximize their tax benefits.  Additionally, we are the only firm to receive a favorable IRS ruling around the way we structure our LKE programs.


Our firm was founded by Ron Hodgeman, a tax attorney and 19-year veteran of the LKE industry.  The firm is based in Cincinnati, Ohio with offices in Colorado and Connecticut.  Whether you are new to the LKE tax strategy, or simply unhappy with your current service provider, contact us today!

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